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Hey guys,
I'm sorry for the latest hiatus as to say. I'm sure you guys are used to it by now LOL
All I can say is because there really isn't any news on Charvin to post really.
And plus, I have been super super busy with school ! I am literally stressing. You know I have some free time if my banner changes LOL I really need to create a new one but no time !

Anyway, tbh haven't been watching any TVB series for so long ! I only watched snippets of L'easgorat I think most of you know that I watch my TVB dramas dubbed in viet right ? The reason is I like to watch it with my family so yeah. I guess I can watch it in eng subs online but that's only if I'm really desperate.

So anyway, currently only 4 in Love and Wish and Switch are released and not really interested in watching it so yeah. I'm just waiting for 36 hours on call. I HEAR AND READ raves everywhere about this series. I just need to watch it asap before I get prone to spoilers ! LOL

The 2012 grand productions to be honest aren't really appealing to me. I usually find costume dramas really boring these days. And I just can't watch those types of dramas anymore because they need attention and I have no time for that !! LOL
Most of the grand productions this year are either period dramas and ancient so.. I don't think I'm gonna watch them. Maybe watch War and Beauty 2 for Ada hehe.

AND I'm not totally excited for Ghetto Justice 2. I didn't really like the first installment so naturally I'm not excited for the second.
So the only one I'm excited for is High and Lows. Love the cast, love the plot. It's just my type of drama. I like thrilling dramas from TVB nowadays LOL

EHH.. totally not a fan of Aimee's hair, makeup or costume ! :/ She looks like she is 40 or sth !

Beautiful costumes ! <3

Kenneth Ma passes the 'Frontline Siu Sang' test; THC to shoot a sequel

TVB's Frontline Siu Sangs are all busy working and earning money in Mainland. The second line artists now have the opportunity to catch up and 'pass the test'. Kenneth Ma takes the lead as he successfully passed the test with his doctor role 'Cheung Yat Kin' in the recent TVB series The Hippocratic Crush. Last Friday, the series finale averaged at 37 points and peaked at 39 points, approximately 2.47 million viewers watched the ending. Aside from the great success and becoming the top rated 2012 TVB series so far, TVB quickly announces that there will be a sequel with the original cast.

'The Hippocratic Crush' to shoot a sequel

Yesterday at the FILMART 2012 (TVB 2012隆重鉅獻) press conference, TVB announces last week's ratings. The Hippocratic Crush finale peaked at 39 points and the entire 25 episode series averaged at 31 points (~1.9 million viewers). Becoming this year's top rated series so far, TVB Chairman Norman Leung will be hosting a celebration banquet next Wednesday at TVB City for the cast and crew. As for Kenneth, who had just passed the test and takes a seat as the one of the new Frontline TVB Siu Sang, he is very pleased to hear that his series is the top rated so far. As for the sequel with the original cast, although he does not know when it will start or how his character continues to develop, but the background setting will still remain in the hospital.

Hopes to continue as a couple with Tavia Yeung

Kenneth was asked if he had confidence to be a 'housewife killer' like Lawrence Ng's Dr. Paul Ching Chi Mei in Healing Hands or even shoot a few more seasons? He said: "I am Cheung Yat Kin, different from Dr. Paul Ching. I hope my girlfriend will still be Yue Jai (Tavia). If we continue to go for another 25 episodes as a couple, I believe it will be a good watch, no need to be like Dr. Paul's girlfriends, all of them dies." As for Kenneth's co-star Tavia, she expressed her hopes to be like the Healing Hands francise, keep it coming.

TV King Kevin Cheng was also present at the press conference, but expressed he does not know whether Ghetto Justice 2 will be this year's TVB Anniversary Series. Asked if he has confidence to becoming the next TV King again? He laughed and said this year Kenneth Ma's momentum is extremely good. Although it's only March, he already feels that Kenneth has a strong chance to become TV King this year. Does he believe he can be like Wayne Lai, become TV King for two consecutive years? Kevin said: "Public opinion always comes first for me. If its not for the public opinions, then it will eventually harm you."

Single Kevin: Won't Avoid Women

Kevin is currently busy shooting for Mainland drama Red Dust (滾滾紅塵), so he will only have time to come back to HK in July. Asked if he's getting familiar with Mainland women? He smiled and said he believes the only difference between Mainland and HK women is one speaks Mandarin and the other speaks Cantonese. Even if its body figure, height or body size, there are all kinds. While working in Mainland, he will be careful. Will he be like Joe Ma and avoid women? He said: "Well no because Joe's already married, I'm not married. For some things that I should do, I will do it. There will be formal social interactions no matter what. If there is stable development, I will let you all know."

TVB 2012 Grand Productions

- Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 名媛望族 (Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma)
- Ghetto Justice 2 怒火街頭2 (Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu)
- War and Beauty 2 金枝慾孽(貳) (Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Moses Chan)
- The Great Eunuch 大太監 (Wayne Lai, Michelle Yim)
- Highs And Lows 雷霆掃毒 (Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui)
- Ladder to Heaven 天梯 (Moses Chan, Maggie Cheung, Aimee Chan)

*credit to aZangel*


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