Dangerous drug raid
Thursday, March 1, 2012 2:33 AM | 0 comments

Hey Guys,
This is just TVB related LOL
Oh-my got, this is my must watch TVB series for sure ! I love this particular genre of drama.. you know, action/police drama/drugs. Dangerous drug raid is looking so awesome for sure. According to Michael, this series has invested on many car crashes and explosives and other things so i am excited !
I mean, it cannot be bad because as you know, TVB is now competing with many other new Hong Kong filming industries such as 'City Telecom' so everything needs to be stepped up a notch or else.. they'll lose their viewers !
AND plus, Michael Miu is in this ! And according to MY statistics 90% of his dramas are good :)
According to these pictures, Raymond seems to be tough and raggered in here which is good ! Hope he has some personality :)

Anyways, the cast is awesome. Ben Wong defs my new fav supporting actor and OMG, Ella Koon :) Adore her. CANNN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS LOL


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